Intelligent Music Project III – Touching The Divine (Rock Music CD review)

Intelligent Music Project - Touching The Divine

Intelligent Music Project - Touching The Divine


Intelligent Music Project III – Touching The Divine

As far as I can remember, Intelligent Music Project’s “Touching The Divine” is one of the best progressive, eclectic and rock music records I’ve heard in the last dozen or so years.

Every note, chord progression and musical notes selected to comprise the 14 songs on “Touching The Divine” have been carefully and purposely chosen. With each and every note carrying so much weight here, this album is more than a listening pleasure, as it literally lifts up your spirit.

To categorize “Touching The Divine” as one style of rock is fine, but does not do the project any justice, but we’ll use some form of categorization to show the project’s diverse musical direction and vision.

The creative visionary behind Intelligent Music Project III is Dr. Milen Vrabevsi, who has brought together the likes of John Payne (former Asia singer and bassist), drummer Simon Phillips and singer Joseph Williams of Toto along with bassist Nathan East and session, studio guitarist Tim Pierce, to see his vision through on his newest project.

From the catchy guitar licks and rhythms of the high strung “Sky” (and the video of these guys skydiving for the “Sky” track is nothing short of true brilliance.) to the joyous moments felt on “Simply Feels Good”, the music on these two tracks and the other songs are beyond what words can describe.

The softer and semi-acoustical touches of “We Can” makes you look within yourself, trying to find who you are as an individual – wow, this is so, so deep and beyond. The acoustic guitar work on this cut is tastefully executed, whereby its vibrations just resonate throughout your body. And the violin passages here also give it much added depth of clarity, which is so rich with feelings that bring a ray of hope to our unpredictable existence in this world.

Singer Joseph William’s vocals are just as superbly arranged and sung as they are in his full time band Toto. I love the triumphant-sounding spirit in his vocals, which bring so much liveliness here.

Singer and bassist John Payne lends his vocals on half of the tracks here as well, and also gives a stellar performance on the likes of “Escape” and closing song “Mind Projection”, whereby he sings out his heart with total commitment and passion. He definitely gives “Touching The Divine” another side of excellence with his soulful singing.

The vocals, the technically crafted guitar licks, leads and solid rhythm section laid down by bassist Nathan East and drummer Simon Phillips bring so much more musical innovation and substance to what Intelligent Music Project represents.

Dr. Milen Vrabevski should be very proud of this stellar line up of international musicians helping him see his collective vision brought to life in the best way possible.

“Touching The Divine” is definitely an experience no fan of hard rock or heavy metal should overlook, as it is a very, very, very thought provoking and a powerful album on many fronts. This is definitely my #1 rock/prog rock release of 2015, and it rightfully deserves to be at this juncture in time. IM Records Sarjoo Devani

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