Inhuman – Conquerors Of The New World (Death Metal album review)

Inhuman - Conquerors Of The New World

Inhuman - Conquerors Of The New World


Inhuman – Conquerors Of The New World

What the hell, tech death metal from Costa Rica? Yes, Inhuman is from the beautiful Central American country of Costa Rica, and they play death metal that put to shame many known death metal bands.

“Conquerors Of The New World” is a mélange of technically fueled riffs, thick, heavy as fuck rhythms, bomb-like drumming, and growl vocals that would make Satan shit in his infernal pants. “Hold Your Crucifix” is a stunning and paralyzing display of chest pummeling bass hooks, groove generated guitar rhythms and drumming that blows up in your face, leaving you bleeding to death. Their style of death metal is infused with plenty of technical elements, odd time signatures, and growl vocals coming at the listener in a very punishing way. This bitch just smacks you in the face cold, leaving you wondering what just happened to you.

“Extermination By Depopulation” has this killer effect of a choppy bass and guitar rhythm, with some slight hesitation that just prolongs the torture you’re subjected to. Imagine you banging your head to this song, and you’ll surely feel the after effects of a severe whiplash. This song also has a very futuristic feel to it, and this is all achieved without the use of synths and any sort of soundbytes.

Some of the best riff workouts have to be on the rampant and chaotic-sounding “Feed On Human Flesh”, with the riffs sounding like they’re fighting some unknown force, as they come across like some sinister war cry – very twisted and insanely perverse to the max, musically speaking.

The production and mix on this album is really clean, whereby everyone is heard to the point of making your ears cringe with fear.

Inhuman, may play technical death metal but they definitely do it convincingly, turning potential listeners into crazed followers.

Highly recommended for fans of early, early Sepultura, Krisiun and Suffocation. Satanath Records Sarjoo Devani

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Also, check out this very twisted and mind obliterating video of Inhuman's song "Hold Your Crucifix", which I really like a lot.


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