INFESTUM – Monuments Of Exalted

Infestum - Monuments Of Exalted

Infestum - Monuments Of Exalted


INFESTUM – Monuments Of Exalted (CD)

Oh ya, this is my type of black metal with an industrial and apocalyptic feel that just sinks you into total darkness of a world devastated by nuclear war.

“Monuments Of Exalted” play their music so well, you can actually hear all of the industrial, darkened and unholy vibrations so clearly, you actually feel as if you’re caught in your worst demonic dream. “Temple Of Mirrors” comes at you with its epic, battle-laden rhythms and blasting drums, with vocals screaming in ungodly suffering for all of humanity.

The synthesizers on this album are executed with such atmosphere, yet you do not feel their music is solely focused around their evil-sounding synths, as their gut wrenching guitar passages and tormented vocals are front and center on this 12-tracker. The synths used as a backdrop to their music makes Infestum all that more unique and obscure in nature.

And the all-classical piano inspired instrumental in the shape of “The Art Of The Beast” easily could’ve been taken from the musical The Phantom Of The Opera - sounds pretty damn chilling, I’d say.

They’ve even a killer and brutally hellish cover of Venom’s “The Evil One”, and it makes the original version, lets say, heavy metal sounding. The piano and synthesizer work on this song is outstanding, and classically inspired.

“Zero Beyond” is a symphonic black metal number, with heavy, heart throbbing rhythms, haunting synthesizer workouts, agonized vocals, and tons of atmosphere to cloud your mental state in pitch black. This song in particular has a very spellbinding effect, something Dimmu Borgir could only dream of.

Personally, Infestum put to shame Aborym, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir in the music department, as their music is completely on fire enshrined with hell’s grace.

Check it out and feel what hell is truly about. [Lacerated Enemy] Sarjoo Devani

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