Inferno – Genetica Humana (Thrash metal album review)

Inferno - Genetica Humana

Inferno - Genetica Humana

Inferno - Genetica Humana

The quintet making up Inferno, who play vicious and muscle ripping thrash metal is sure to fuck you up with their raw metal wall of sound.
The music on this ten song affair, from beginning to end is a tornado-like experience, with the riffs, rhythms, bass licks and drumming passages going in every direction possible. The good thing about this aspect of the music is, they’re very solid, as the songs sound put together very well, and are very effective in hitting you in the face without any compromise.
I’m not going to mention any songs or song titles, as they’re all in their native tongue of Spanish, and the lyrics too are in Spanish. The only negative to this is, if these dudes want to break into the international music market, they’re definitely going to have to sing their songs in English, as this is something, which will increase their record sales along with their notoriety as a quality thrash metal group from Spain.
Their musicianship and songwriting abilities are loaded with talent and superb skill, and should be able to compete with the likes of thrash metal titans Soulfly, Sepultura, Warbringer and even Overkill.
One of the characteristics I really enjoyed on “Genetica Humana” is the fact, they’ve a very serious and dark tone to their overall music and probably lyrics too, as they seem focused on a heartless society, corruption, social degradation and greed found in our world. This was what I was able to gather from their album artwork, as it paints bleak picture of our fucked up world.
I give this band a 8 out of 10, just for the fact, their lyrics are written in Spanish, apart from this, the whole album is a mental thrashing to the max! Good.  Necromance Records    Sarjoo Devani

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