INCARNATED – Try Before Die

Incarnated-Try Before Die

Incarnated-Try Before Die

INCARNATED – Try Before Die (CD)

Polish old school death metal trio Incarnated has just released, “Try Before Die”, it’s the long awaited follow up to 2006’s “Pleasure Of Consumption”. This is old school death metal, nothing new or refreshing, more in the vein of early, early Hypocrisy, Dismember, Carnage and General Surgery. “Try Before Die” does not make sense any at all for an album title, but considering this is death metal, and death metal is not supposed to make any sense because it is all about headbanging and letting your aggression out, instead of beating the shit out of some unlucky person. The nine tracks are loaded like a mega-stick of dynamite, all fused together to make one deadly arsenal of total destruction.Their guitar rhythms have that typical old school Swedish death metal sound, with that distinctive crunch and distortion, wicked enough to make the hair stand up on your back. I enjoyed listening to Incarnated as they reminded me the good old of days of death metal, and the true meaning of immense brutality flowing through the veins. The drumming here was pretty good, with plenty of death/grind influences within all nine tracks.

Don’t get me wrong, Incarnated is a talented bunch, and have balls to play a style of death metal completely dead and buried today, but this is not going to revive a style of European death metal, which made it world renown back in nineties. Hey, it’s worth a shot if this trio can change some death metal minds out in the world to play a style of death metal still revered to this day. Check it out.  [Selfmadegod]     Sarjoo Devani


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