Imperative Music Compilation Volume XII

Imperative Music Compilation XII

Imperative Music Compilation XII

Imperative Music Compilation Volume XII

Compilations can be a hit or miss depending on the line up of bands and artists featured on a particular collection, but this comp is a hit. Imperative Music out of Brazil has put together a solid compilation of thrash, death, heavy metal and even some metallic hardcore bands on their newest sampler.
With 18 tracks of some of the most interesting heavy metal groups in the world, there is something for all fans of metal on this disc.
Some of the most standout bands for me included Alice In Hell from Japan with their “Time To Die”, which reminded so much of Coroner, Luxembourg’s Infact, who rock out with their semi-thrashisms that’ll make you mosh, Brazilian groove metallers Cavera just race by you with their clean and pissed-off vocals, As Do They Fall also hit hard and heavy with their “Burn” opus, and Switzerland’s deathmongers Nihilo just rip your head off with their body bruising “On The Brink”.
As I mentioned earlier, there is even death metal featured on this comp, and one band, Statue Of Demur from Canada remind slightly of Cannibal Corpse, but with cleaner vocal patterns. Hide Bound (Japan) play a melodic blend of death metal and hardcore with plenty of catchy riffing and angst-driven vocals.
Armed Cloud from The Netherlands comes at you like a violent storm, with their melodic thrash/power metal in the shape of “Jealousy With A Halo”. The lead guitar and soloing on this song is outright fucking out of this world. I’ve got to get a hold of this band’s CD…
For fans of Evanescence they’ll be pleased to hear the female fronted Godvlad (Portugal), with their atmospheric yet uplifting “Game Of Shadows” cut. There are other bands on this CD, which are also worth giving a chance to.
Overall, I was very pleased with this compilation released by Imperative Music out of Brazil. This CD is highly worth checking out.     Imperative Music    Sarjoo Devani

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