Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors Live

Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors Live

Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors Live

Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors Live

Imagine Dragons definitely know how to rock their fans in a concert setting with their alternative and art rock anthems.

Musically and vocally, plenty of interesting harmonies intermingle with one another to create some musically and varied moments within their songs on this double disc set.

The CD recording portion of the band captured in their all out live glory shows how passionate this group is about their music and fans. They surely know how to put on a solid show, with plenty of moving around on stage and moving their heads back and forth to their groove powered numbers. You also get to the see the more emotional side of the band during those ballad-esque moments too. Frontman and one of the founding members Dan Reynolds’ vocals are melodic and yet emotionally all fire up with passionate fever, and this quality also gets their crowd all revved up for his band’s catchy hooks and groove-fired rhythms.

The Blu-ray half of this two-disc set is probably much better than their audio CD, as watching the band live, you can definitely feel their energy and power more. Live, the entire band is entertaining to watch, as they don’t just stand in one place, they move around, and take their show to the audience.

The overall vibe of the band and solid musicianship makes this foursome a hit, especially when they jam to the AOR radio hit “Radioactive”. Unfortunately, as much as I think these guys are talented at that they write and play, “Radioactive” is the only song I find to be appealing. I think it’s the song’s overall vibe, vocal arrangements with the music, and the triumphant energy here, I find to be an awesome song.

Imagine Dragons is a talented bunch and real good songwriters, unfortunately, it is way too soft for my tastes.  Eagle Rock Entertainment   Sarjoo Devani

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