Ildverden – Black Midnight Follows Me – (Primitive Raw Black Metal CD review)

Ildverden - Black Midnight Follows Me

Ildverden - Black Midnight Follows Me

Ildverden – Black Midnight Follows Me

Ildverden is another Christ-fucking primitive black metal band with very raw aggression and a morbid darkness to their music-inspired hell. With over an hours worth of music coming from five songs of primed, sadistic black metal that’s sure to tear the listener a new asshole, it does not get any sicker than this.

“Black Midnight Follows Me” is not an easy listen, but once you’ve managed to make it through the second round, you are drooling for more Christ-raping black metal to degrade your own bloody existence. Yes, it does sound very bleak but what the heck, it is black metal played with a raw and primitive edge, kind of ancient in spirit, but done with the truest of feelings.

The vocals are a low to an almost raspy growl, kind of sounding like the devil on steroids and habanera chili peppers. I’ve not heard anything close to the vocals found here, and this aspect being as unique as they are, they come across very evil and mystical in a blackened way.

The heavy and pulverizing guitars and sudden snare beat assaults also makes Ildverden’s black metal very extreme and ugly in nature, and this is what you want from a band such as this. If it’s not ugly and cold, then really, could it even be considered Christ-raping, raw black metal?

“Black Midnight Follows Me” is Christianity and humanity’s worst freaking nightmare, as there is no end to the corrosive torture found here. This is sure to please fans of Carpathian Forest, Sacramentum and Cirith Gorgor. Check it out and die a million times, as death is your only salvation…   Satanath/Pagan Flames    Sarjoo Devani

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