Ian Danter – Second Time Around (Classic Pop Rock album review)

Ian Danter - Second Time Around

Ian Danter - Second Time Around


Ian Danter - Second Time Around

It's hard to actually believe that singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ian Danter is a full time sports commentator for a local British radio station, as he comes across so natural as a very talented musician.

With infectious groove and soul laden classic pop rock sensible tracks like "Chinese Whispers", "Second Time Around" and "It All Comes Back To Rock" are sure to make the listener dance like a maniac in the streets. It is Danter's way of presenting his songs, as they're so positive in energy and just make you feel good no matter how shitty your day could be going. The listener is bound to feel alive with Danter's jolly mood, which is a plus anytime music or a particular album can do for the listener.

The production on "Second Time Around" is very well done; it's solid and all of the instruments can be heard really well in the final mix down, and this makes a world of a difference when you turn it up to 10 on your stereo.

Furthermore, the balladesque, piano written "I Love You More" is a hit with its emotional lyrics and vocals, as Ian definitely pours out all of his feelings for his one true love. This is one of the most beautifully written songs I've heard in such a long time, and it damn well happens to be here.

Check out this awesome CD by Ian Danter, and it's sure to make your world a much, much better place. "Second Time Around" is just what the rock doctor ordered.

Highly recommended for classic and pop rock fans still craving seventies and eighties rock.  Sarjoo Devani

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