I Promised Once – Dust To Dust EP (Metalcore CD review)

I Promised Once - Dust To Dust

I Promised Once - Dust To Dust

I Promised Once – Dust To Dust EP

I Promised Once is back with its newest seven song EP in the form of “Dust To Dust”, and it’s sure to blow the listener away with its aggressive and melodic metalcore and heavy rock influences.

The opening track “Overture” sets the overall mood for the listener to really get the hellish groove-driving party started here.

“Under The Influence” is a superb starter with its double bass pounding beats, groove-laden rhythmic guitars, atmospheric, at times dancy synths, and the angst driven dirty and clean vocals is sure to get your head banging hard. (There is a killer video for “Under The Influence”, which you can check out below.) Even leads on this track are very melodic and played with plenty of fire and conviction. This song is just a starter and kicks ass with it’s awesome songwriting talents, so you know, that the other five tracks will surely put you in your place with their heavy as hell grooves.

The shared vocal duties on his album, going back and forth with the clean melodic singing and the shouted out pissed off arrangements also give I Promised Once a very unique edge. It is their ability to play so damn convincingly, you start to believe that their pain is your pain, which sounds pretty eerie, but it’s this aura of their music, which is so damn brilliant.

“They Hate Us…Because They Ain’t Us” is another heavy-ass rocking song with its headbanging rhythms, frustrated vocals, and synths that just help the rhythms hold their spicy groove sections together. Also, the orchestral passages on this song give it a very original edge, as it just adds so much more atmosphere to the song’s greyish vibe.

I Promised Once, is a very unique band in the way they deliver their heartfelt, emotionally laced songs, and this is one aspect that is sure to gain them greater notoriety among metalcore and heavy rock listeners around the world. “Dust To Dust” is definitely a whopping big 10 for me. 100% excellent! Highly recommeded for fans of Disturbed, Vol. Beat, Papa Roach and Soilwork.

Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the insane video for the song "Under The Influence", which is definitely one of top picks on this seven track EP. Check it out below.


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