I am Thor – (Metal Soundtrack CD review)

I am Thor

I am Thor

I am Thor   Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I am Thor is the sound track to the documentary of the same name, which documents the story of body builder, steel bending, brick smashing, and an 80’s heavy metal icon Jon Mikl Thor.

This 16-tracks soundtrack is literally loaded with heavy metal anthems galore, from the headbanging “Keep The Dogs Away” to the metal melting antics of “Devastation Of Musculation”. The music is what counts here, as the recording and production quality has a lot to be desired, but Jon’s fiery energy and antics makes this one bloody hell of a heavy metal release that’s sure to set this world ablaze.

There is nothing rock star-like about Thor, as it’s more to do with heavy metal and living its true lifestyle, as if you’re going to die for your music. This is the kind of burning passion you can feel in the music and the whole energy of the songs featured here.

One of my favorites here was the catchy anthem sounding, muscle pumping, and fist fucking mannerisms of “Fucking And Fighting”. I just love the heavy metal and anti-authority stance on this cut, oh yeah. “Metal Avenger” (features former Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clark), and is heavy as fuck, which should get all of your juices flowing out of synch with the rest of your bodily functions.

People, fuck what anyone thinks or has to say about I am Thor, take it from me, it’s heavy metal written and played from the heart, with highest level of sincerity you’re not bound to find in many of today’s hard rock and heavy metal up and comers. I am Thor will definitely rock your world so fucking hard that you’ll feel the excitement of the intensity it’ll create within your veins.

Deadline Records   Sarjoo Devani

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