HUNGRY DAZE – Back To My Future (Heavy Metal CD review)

Hungry Daze - Back To My Future

Hungry Daze - Back To My Future

Wow, this quartet simply known as Hungry Daze is sure make you bang your head so hard that you'll be seeing them instead of stars. I love the passionate display of energy within all of the songs featured on "Back To My Future", which just invokes positive vibes to make you feel good on the inside. 

"Rock Paradise's" groove fueled guitar rhythms and vocals have that "Bark At The Moon" touch to it, which will surely appeal to fans of early Ozzy Osbourne. This is definitely one of the standout tracks here, and is brilliantly executed.

Singer Roberto Bruccoleri's fiery and melodic vocals on "Life On Two Wheels" is another feel good song that just livens up your spirit from the negative energies of everyday existence.  The music on this song as well as every other track on this album has an upbeat vibe to them, making for a very positive listening experience.

Hungry Daze's music, lyrics about life and being free to do what pleases your soul makes for an awesome journey to such uplifting moments. "Tonight Is The Night" is a finer example of what this Italian quartet is capable of doing with their spirit lifting emotions and that feel good attitude, which oozes from all of their songs on "Back To My Future".

There are some classic Paul Di'Anno era Iron Maiden vocal and musicianship influences on the headbanging "Motorcycle Man". This cut is sure to rock your world with it adrenaline-fueled power and rockin' musicianship.

Lead and rhythm guitarist Francesco Yackson Russo plays his six string axe with so much passion, you feel all of this energy pulsating throughout your body. It'll definitely get you in the mood to throw your fists in the air and bang your head to all of their songs here. The only notable exception being, "Now You Can Play", is a more mellow and album oriented rock song you'd enjoy listening to with a few joints. 

My overall first impression of Hungry Daze is a positive one, as I feel this band is on track to become a household name within the non-mainstream heavy metal circles worldwide.   Diamond Productions    Sarjoo Devani






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