Humanity Delete – Fuck Forever Off (Death metal album review)

Humanity Delete - Fuck Forever Off

Humanity Delete - Fuck Forever Off

Humanity Delete – Fuck Forever Off

Holy fuck, Humanity Delete, featuring old school death metal growler Rogga Johansson from Paganizer and Ribspreader, is back with this fellow cohorts in their newest studio album “Fuck Forever Off”.

Humanity Delete is similar in brutality to Paganizer and Ribspreader, but has more of a doom/death metal sound to it, with the occasional rapid snare and double bass chaos that’s sure to shake you violently.

However, these guys are more focused on a heavier and darker sound, more in common with early Grave, Unleashed, Unanimated and Candlemass, which is definitely one of the highs here. The melodic riffs along with the solid as steel rhythms, and growls-makes this eight-track CD one motherfucker of a self-destructive release. Just check out the bestial drumming onslaught on the sickeningly twisted and morbid number “The Hatchet Cleaves The Nig”, and you’ll feel that death is so close.

At times plenty of influences come from Unleashed’s “Where No Life Dwells” and Grave’s “Into The Grave”, the two of the most influential death metal albums of all time.

Rogga’s vocals, rhythm and lead guitar performances are tight and bring out the best from the rest of the members in Humanity Delete. I love his ideas about keeping it dark yet heavy as hell, as this keeps the music and songwriting arrangements interesting to listen to.

And the Joe Petagno artwork of the lord of the underworld sticking out his two middle fingers at you not only fits the old school death metal here, but brings to mind the good old memories of when death metal was just death metal, and nothing more or nothing less.

Check out this motherfucker of a release, as it’s sure to fuck you up so good, that you will wish you were dead, especially while listening to the rotten vibes created by Humanity Delete.

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