Humanitas Error Est – Human Pathomorphism (black metal album review)

Humanitas Error Est

Humanitas Error Est

Humanitas Error Est – Human Pathomorphism

This German band play the most vile-sounding black metal hell unleashed upon human ears, and it’s brutal enough to make you go into wicked contortions of unholy exorcisms. Humanitas Error Est take the best elements of Cirith Gorgor, Endstille and Dark Funeral, to come up with their most lethal weapon in the form of “Human Pathomorphism”. The 50 minutes of raw, rabid and soul skinning black metal here is so stealth in its delivery, it will not leave any evidence behind, after your demise has been fulfilled from listening to the 12 toxic shots featured on this CD. The fact that these guys play with utmost disgust and twisted feelings makes them one hell of a supreme black metal contender.

“Raping Religions” is a depressive track with sudden outbursts of snare and double bass assaults and downward spiraling guitar riffing that is corrosive enough to burn a hole through the varied sound spectrum found on “Human Pathomorphism.” This track along with the others features unsuspecting drum avalanches mixed with extreme guitar arrangements that’ll leave even the most seasoned veteran of extreme metal with their head spinning out of control. “One Piece Human” features a horrific wall of drums, guitars and rotted raspy vocals in a unified approach, suffocating the listener’s inner being with total hatred and angst-ridden emotions.

And for a black metal band, the musicianship and songwriting on this album is surely awesome, as the decent production does not take away from this band’s sinister vibe, all the while keeping the music and the dual vocals onslaught as bestial as fuck. With 12 songs of utter sickening black metal at its most primitive and savage, Humanitas Error Est is sure to suck the listener into the speakers and take them to the deepest depths of hell. Satanath Records  Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the ungodly track "Raping Religions", which is one of my favorite songs due to its touches of total mental annihilation.


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