HOD – Book Of The Worm

HOD-Book Of The Worm

HOD-Book Of The Worm


HOD – Book Of The Worm (CD)

Whoa, Morbid Angel has gone back to its roots of “Altars Of Madness”, I wish this was the case, but San Antonio, Texas black metallers are heavily influenced by this latter style.

HOD could almost be a superb carbon copy of Morbid Angel had it not been for their 1349 and Mayhem influences. “Book Of The Worm” has plenty of killer resemblances to Morbid Angel’s cult classic “Altars Of Madness”, but they’ve also incorporated some awesome black metal influences from the likes of Mayhem and 1349. When you put all of these killer bands together, and shake it up really hard, you’ve a tastefully written black and death metal album in the shape of HOD’s “Book Of The Worm”.

You’ve got to check out their abhorrent riffing onslaught on the unholy last track on the CD, “Beneath The Mountains Of The Scorpion”, they’re worse than mind-altering substances. The way they play these riffs along with their suicidal rhythms, you just do not know what to think of this auditory barrage of signature guitar riffs. This song also has some Slayer influences in the power chords they play towards the end of the song as well.

HOD is a very talented group and it would do them a lot of justice completely moving away from the Morbid Angel influences, as they’ve talent to create a sound all their own. In the meantime, this is a good release, but it is nothing out of the ordinary.

I will wait as to what HOD will do on their next release, as they’ve very big potential to do something unique and still keep their music black as hell. [Arctic Music Group] Sarjoo Devani

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