HEMOTOXIN – Alchemist ep

Hemotoxin - Alchemist

Hemotoxin - Alchemist


HEMOTOXIN – Alchemist ep (CD)

Exodus, Testament, Defiance, Skinlab, Death Angel, Metallica, Forbidden and Vio-Lence may have put the San Francisco, Bay Area on the map for thrash metal, but Hemotoxin is about to change all of this with their latest five song ep. “Alchemist” is a thrash metal music maniac’s dream-come true, as Hemotoxin is brutal, in your guts, and straight to the point with their ultra vicious thrash metal assault.

The ep starts of with an eerie intro with the chilling “Self Realization Through The Sub-Concious” and then you’re riding a lightning bolt with “The Alchemist”, “Incessant Existence” and “Postwar Civilization”.

These songs are loaded with unrelenting, heavy artillery-like guitar riffing, heart-stopping rhythms, venomous vocals, and drumming that’s more lethal than a hand grenade going off in your mouth. After you’ve been subjected to the murderous rampage of Hemotoxin’s death/thrash metal, you’re not only dead, but buried 12 feet under, under a ton of metal rhythms that have come crushing down on you. And for your funeral, there is a superb cover of Black Sabbath’s “After Forever”, which is sure to get your corpse thrashing in the casket. This four-member outfit surely has spiced up this classic with an energetic, rockish sound, yet still maintaining their heaviness.

All in all, I was very impressed with this band’s ep, their third recording since their inception, and as far as I am concerned, Hemotoxin is definitely one of the best death/thrash metal bands in America at the present time. This band is awesome in all aspects, so get your hands on this one quick. I hope Hemotoxin hurry it up with their full-length album because I cannot wait to mosh to their thrash and death metal music experience.

Sarjoo Devani [Brutal Gear/Clandestine Records]


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