HEAVING EARTH – Denouncing The Holy Throne

Heaving Earth - Denouncing The Holy Throne

Heaving Earth - Denouncing The Holy Throne


HEAVING EARTH – Denouncing The Holy Throne (CD)

Czech Republic’s death metal quintet Heaving Earth is sure to tear your sanity apart with its unholy and anti-sacramental blasphemous sonic art.

“Denouncing The Holy Throne” contains 12 tracks of the most sacrilegious and profane anti-Christian themed hymns of ungodly mockery. This is pure bestial homage to the lord of the fiery depths, especially with such insulting numbers like: “Nailed To Perpetual Anguish”, “Doomed Before Inception” and “Jesus Died”. Seriously, people, this album is a hearty fuck off to Christianity and all religious denominations, which prey on the weak minded for total thought control.

I love the songwriting on this album, with its haunting guitar harmonies, bestial vocal growls (more in the vein of Immolation and Aeon), chaotic yet body bruising drumming, and the wickedly crafted ill-sounding guitar tones make this evil bitch one hell of a listening torture. Trust me, you want yours ears to bleed your life away, you’ll be granted such a horrendous type of beating here, you’ll feel like you’re being crucified like Christ, but without any hope of resurrection.

You’ll feel Heaving Earth’s unholy wrath on the negative and hate-filled “Worms Of Rusted Congregation”, which is sure to wreak great havoc on your soul. This track in particular is a solid display of death metal brutality yet it has doom-laden moments you’d find on an Incantation album.

And one listen to the disturbing guitar riffing on the “…Into The Sea Of Fire”, it’ll leave you feeling as if you’re truly trapped in the fiery pits of hell.

There is almost an hours worth of death metal misery on Heaving Earth’s second album of anti-religious warfare in the form of “Denouncing The Holy Throne”. [Lavadome Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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