Hatecrowned – Newborn Serpent (Black/Death metal album review)

Hatecrowned - Newborn Serpent

Hatecrowned - Newborn Serpent


Hatecrowned – Newborn Serpent

It’s hard to even believe this quartet is from Lebanon, and from France, as their playing is so modern and just smashes the senses with its old school death and black metal viciousness.

“Newborn Serpent” is the type of record, which jumps out at the listener from the speakers and mauls like a Great White Shark, as their sound is feverishly twisted and lethal. The guitar rhythms feel like razor sharp machetes that just cut through flesh with such ease and precision, the listener does not even feel that they’ve been wounded.

The whole aura surrounding the ten tracks on this album, is very mysterious yet so mercilessly sinister in vibe. This is not the music you want to listen to at night, as it’s sure to invoke demons from an ancient slumber. Hatecrowned truly know the art of keeping their music so damn dark, you can easily feel it in every note they play due to the morbid climax their songs create upon our frail minds.

This quartet play with so much intensity and conviction, you’re sure to feel the fiery power their hellish songs create on this CD. Plenty of influences from Necrophobic, Belphegor and Setherial can be heard, but with Hatecrowned’s own touch within the music. Listen to the fourth track here: “Coronation Of The Eternal And Pure”, and you’ll be savagely beaten mentally and physically with its might and force, as this number just blows through you like a riff-laden tornado of utter destruction. The drumming alone here blows up like an atom bomb… This song also has some guitar influences from Morbid Angel’s “Altars Of Madness” album, which was pretty cool to hear.

The overall sound of the record is clean as far as the mix and production are concerned, not something that’ll blow you off of your seat, but everything can be heard here for the most part.

Moreover, they’ve an interesting sounding track in the form of “Void”, which has some special, eerie, darkened synth created sound effects of the world after the great apocalypse has destroyed it.

Not to sound too negative, but black and death metal would not be considered extreme metal if it was not negative. Give Hatecrowned a spin and feel all of their bloody hate boil to the brink of total annihilation. Satanath Records   Sarjoo Devani

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Check out Hatecrowned's eerie and darkened "Ominous Birth Of Serpent", which is one of the best cuts here with its haunting and weird nuances.

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