Hate Eternal – Infernus (Death Metal album review)

Hate Eternal - Infernus

Hate Eternal - Infernus


Hate Eternal – Infernus

Wow, Erik Rutan and Hate Eternal have done it again, releasing a heaping slab of brutal metal with plenty of unsuspecting twists and turns.

“Infernus” is a nonstop demonstration in top-notch musicianship, which shows the brutal side of death metal along with 100% substance. People, this is not over the top technically challenging music, but gets the listener thinking of the total darkness and mystique it creates within its hellish atmosphere. None of the ten songs here sound alike if you listen to it at least a few times, as you can tell a lot of thought was put into the ferocious insanity Rutan and band have created on “Infernus”.

Interestingly, “Infernus” has awesome influences from Erik’s stint with Morbid Angel, especially within the vocal and drumming passages. The guitars sound very dark and have that ominous vibe to them, which alone makes the music on “Infernus” very sinister in approach.

A solid example of the above song is “O’Majestic Being, Hear My Call”, which starts of with an eerie intro to it, and just explodes in your face with its unstoppable barrage of wicked drumming and guitar rhythms. This song also has that epic feel to it, and definitely drives the spellbinding sounds of the song into your subconscious state of mind.

Erik’s vocals on this album sound much more brutal and in your face compared to that of their last two albums. This was definitely a step in the right direction, as the vocals in Hate Eternal play a significant role in the music’s overall vibe and direction. The bestial and aggressive vocals make “Infernus” a superb contender among some of 2015’s notable death metal releases.

Hate Eternal has always written thought provoking death metal, but “Infernus” takes the listener on a hellish journey through many unique mediums that are utterly crushing for the human ear. “Infernus’” songs are comparable to that of the great apocalypse, but with ambience that is ungodly in every fucking aspect.

“The Stygian Deep” reminds of a world in total chaos, with complete lack of harmony, whereby humanity is consumed by its own bloody ego and selfish nature. This may sound like a fantasy movie, but one listen to this muscle bruising song, and you’ll surely become a follower of Hate Eternal’s thought provoking, sonic misery.    Season Of Mist   Sarjoo Devani

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