Grimorium Verum – Relict (Death Metal album review)

Grimorium Verum - Relict

Grimorium Verum - Relict


Grimorium Verum – Relict

Black metal, which is symphonic, is really brilliant when done properly, as the symphonic arrangements go really well with the brutally, razor sharp rhythms and raspy vocals, as is the case with Grimorium Verum’s “Relict” opus.

Russian extremist black metal band Grimorium Verum play symphonic black metal in the vein of Grief Of Emerald and Dimmu Borgir, but with-their-own personalized touch of ungodly savagery. The repulsive guitar riffs come at you like the devil on heroine, while the orchestral and symphonic parts put your soul at total rest, under freshly dug up soil. Tracks like “Pilgrimage To Satan” and “In Satan We Trust” burst out with total aggression, with pounding drums of doom, and the suffocated yet very raspy vocals screaming bloody murder, along with the vicious guitar parts. The very cool aspect about these two songs is that the vocals remind of Mille Petrozza of Kreator’s “Terrible Certainty” and “Extreme Aggression” glory days. These were the good old days of extreme metal at its finest, and this is the musical and vocal chemistry I miss the most from that time period. “In Satan We Trust” also has some clean male vocals very reminiscent of Borknagar from the mid nineties.

The ten tracks on here have some of the finest orchestral and symphonic inspired synthesizers I’ve heard come from a black metal band of Grimorium Verum’s style. It’s very dark, eerie and so grandeur in its overall atmospheres, which really makes for an interesting listening experience, kind of like a theatrical film for the ears.

“Relict” is a true gem in the sense of total darkness without any mercy on the ears, as Grimorium Verum generates some of the finest auditory blasphemy you could ever get from a symphonic black metal band. When extreme music is not sacrificed for darkened parts or symphonic arrangements, you know you’re getting some genuine black metal at its sickest.

It’s nice to see a band such as Grimorium Verum play with so much intensity, that you can feel the band’s frustrations about life and all its darkest moments, especially when such haunting synth passages engulf your soul in complete misery.     Symbol Of Domination     Sarjoo Devani

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Check out my favorite cut here, "In Satan We Trust", which is one of the highlights on this symphonic black metal release.

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