Greg Lake & Geoff Downes – Ride The Tiger (Prog Rock album review)

Greg Lake & Geoff Downes - Ride The Tiger

Greg Lake & Geoff Downes - Ride The Tiger

Greg Lake & Geoff Downes – Ride The Tiger

“Ride The Tiger” is an amalgamation of experimental drum programming, melodically powered guitar licks, rhythms, and synth passages with semi-orchestral and pop rock sensibilities potent enough to rock your world.

The seven songs on this album is a culmination of hard work, intensive songwriting and creativity, which was sparked over a year, from 1989 to 1990, when Greg Lake and Geoff Downes found time to jam with each other. These songs are not like your typical prog rock affair, but more driven through the power of experimental synth sounds, mixed with harmony driven, at times off the wall-sounding guitars, and solid drumming, courtesy of Michael Giles.

Greg Lake’s guitar and bass guitar playing is very catchy, but with more of a serious attitude to it. Basically, none of his songs sound upbeat, as they’re very serious in sound and style. He definitely has a unique style, which works perfect with Geoff Downes totally unorthodox synth style.

On the other hand, Downes’ synthesizer sounds and playing style does not follow any common playing and songwriting conventions. He does his own thing, which is what makes Downes style of playing the synths and keys so out of this world. When you listen to Downes’ music, you just don’t know what you’ll run into, as there are a lot of unknown variables, as it is not predictable, and every note played just reverberates throughout your very being.

It’s very interesting to note the tons and tons of atmosphere, which shapes this album and gives it, its own identity is major aspect of this record.

And this album being released in its original form for the very first time makes it even more special to listen to, as it reminds of a long lost treasure finally unearthed to enjoy all its sonic fruits. Highly worth checking out, especially if you dig experimental rock. Manticore Records   Sarjoo Devani

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