Graveworm - (N)Utopia

Graveworm - (N)Utopia


GRAVEWORM – (N)Utopia (CD review)

“(N)Utopia” being Graveworm’s fifth overall release, the music is more in the gothic/black metal vein, with hints of semi death metal vocals on few of the songs. This album was recorded at Stage One Studio, Germany, with Andy Classen, and musically, it shows the sextet’s departure from the Dimmu Borgir, Hecate Enthroned influenced symphonic black metal, for more of a gothic-tinged style mixed in with the black metal elements and growl vocals in few of their cuts.

The production on “(N)Utopia” is over the top here, as the music and the vocals sound very balanced, and make you feel as if you’re in the song, wow!! The music is really well written, though not brutally heavy as their previous effort (“Engraved In Black”) before this one.

However, this Italian, black metal, gothic, symphony metallers surely have featured some memorable moments on “(N)Utopia”, which also adds to the album’s diverse, short and sweet to the point tracks. Being that there are tons of gothic and symphonic atmospherics found on this nine tracker, there are plenty of doom and gloom moments to be soaked up here.

The vocals here, especially, go from raspy screams to the more dark, growl-like gothic groans, and just gives more of that chilling effect. “(N)Utopia” is the most perfect soundtrack to your worst bloody nightmare, and the worst part is, you’re a part of it…

You want black metal with gothic and symphonic-laden elements and songs rich in atmosphere, “(N)Utopia” by Graveworm is a weird and earth darkening experience. “Outside Down” comes across with it’s synth and rhythmic grooves with the unholy, ghoulish vocals and guitar rhythms that are sure to make you bang your head. Not as brutal or even that interesting as “Engraved In Black”, but still worth checking out. This too, is a limited edition Digipac CD, in 2000 numerated copies.

[Metal Mind Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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