Grave – Out Of Respect For The Dead (death metal album review)

Grave Out Of Respect For The Dead

Grave Out Of Respect For The Dead


Grave – Out Of Respect For The Dead

Ola Lindgren and Grave are back from 12 feet under, with their latest ear raping death metal slab of “Out Of Respect For The Dead”.

This has got to be one of Grave’s heavier, more brutal, and definitely musically more mature outing.

Ola’s growls are very bestial sounding at best and his guitars along with fellow guitarist Mika Lagren just smack you dead in the face, not knowing what has struck you unconscious. Their highly skilled level of playing is what makes their violent guitar rhythms and riffs flow with such lethalness. The heaviness and utter brutality here just smokes the living being out of your body and into the grave (not literally, but sure does feel this way, haha). What also makes a great deal of difference on this album is the fact that the solid studio production with all of the instrumentation and vocals coming together solidly, packs one hell of punch.

The down tuned wall of sound here obliterates all senses, leaving you paralyzed with complete fear and anxiety, whereby you’re losing control of your sanity. Grave just don’t write and play death metal, they are the epitome of all that is dead and nonexistent.

“Grotesque Glory” is the longest track here, clocking in at almost ten minutes, with some unique changes, from slower paced rhythms to the more moderately fast paced drumming assault with razor sharp guitars clawing at your flesh.

Grave is definitely playing some of their finest old school styled death metal here, with hints of the new and plenty of influences of what made them a household name 25 years ago.

Unlike their now defunct country mates Dismember and Carnage, Grave has plenty of staying power as long as they stay true to themselves and to the music they helped bring to the forefront of the Scandinavian death metal scene. Every song on this album is worthy of your attention, and should not be taken lightly, as “Out Of Respect For The Dead” will certainly fucking kill you.

Century Media Records  Sarjoo Devani

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