Gorefest – Mindloss (Death Metal album review)


Gorefest - Mindloss

Gorefest - Mindloss



Gorefest – Mindloss reissue

“Mindloss” by The Netherlands’ Gorefest is definitely one of the best death metal records ever committed to tape.

This double CD, Digipac reissue is packed with almost two hours worth of the most intense death metal that’s sure to make your mind bleed out the brains. CD 1 is their professional studio output of “Mindloss”, which has some the most punishing rhythms, vocals and drumming that just pulverizes the senses. Some of the brutal slabs of death metal making the rounds here are: “Putrid Stench Of Human Remains”, “Tangled In Gore”, “Horrors In A Retarded Mind” and “Loss Of Flesh” to name a few, which totally smoke the skin of off your flesh.

The Colin Richardson production is solid and brings out the band’s most brutal elements to life with the highest level of earth shattering sounds ever put to tape.

The production and mix on this album is one of the best for 1989/1990, and shows how advanced studio techniques were 25 years ago.

The second CD is of demo material consisting of most of the tracks making up the “Mindloss” LP. The demo tracks were okay in the sound and production, but the idea these demo cuts put across to the extreme metal listening fans was beyond immeasurable, as the studio cuts are even more morbidly brutal and certainly lethal than any current standard of extreme death metal.

“Mindloss” is sure to go down in death metal history books as being one of the best written and played extreme metal songs the world has ever known. Listening to Gorefest here is like being trapped in the most terrifying nightmare you’ve ever succumbed to, and it only gets much worse as the album progresses song after song in the truest spirit of soul demoralizing torture.

Check it out, as your mind is sure to be decimated on this old school death metal release. Metal Mind Productions   Sarjoo Devani


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