GOREFEST – La Muerte

Gorefest - La Muerte

Gorefest - La Muerte


GOREFEST – La Muerte (CD)

This was Gorefest’s comeback album in 2005, and “La Muerte” proved that not all was lost despite the band’s more commercial releases in the mid-late nineties. “La Muerte” is a fluid concoction of Slayer meets Death and Morbid Angel, but with a more thrash and melodic flair to their sound.

This album, consist of 12 songs, and every track here from beginning to end is actually well written and executed. The fact they’ve managed to light a fire with heaps of raw energy and passion, makes this album a true heavy hitter within the death and thrash metal worlds.

I am very much a fan of Gorefest’s ability to keep their singing to a heavy to mild mannered death metal style, whereby you can understand what is being said.

The vocals may not be the most unique style within extreme metal circles, but they surely get the job done with enough persuasion and aural torture.

Their music boarders on the fine line of thrash and death metal, mixing the two killer extremes really brings out the best in Gorefest.

With tracks such as “When The Dead Walk The Earth”, “You Could Make Me Kill” and “Of Death And Chaos”, sounding like they could’ve been taken right out of a Stephen Carpenter horror movie, you know you’re in for a hellish treat of your life. It’ll be “La Muerte” for your helpless corpse to be, and you’ll soon realize how real death can be with Gorefest on top of of your grave.

This album has got it all, from heavy pummeling percussive work, melodic riffs, skin bruising rhythms and vocals pissed-off enough to blow your head off. You want some good emotional and physical abuse, then look no farther than Gorefest’s “La Muerte”, as it’s sure to fuck you up for life. Definitely get your bones on this one, as it is a limited edition 2000 numbered Digipac reissue.[Metal Mind Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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