GODLESS ANGEL – Harvester Of Shadows

Godless Angel - Harvester Of Shadows

Godless Angel - Harvester Of Shadows


GODLESS ANGEL – Harvester Of Shadows (CD)

Godless Angel is a one-man band from the USA, and musically, it is a barrage of melodically fueled guitars with the growl style death metal vocals, all aided by a drum machine.

The vocals have plenty of Chris Reifert (Autopsy and Abscess) influences, which are very cool, but the music is made to suffer from the lack of a solid sound due to the use of a drum machine. I’ve never been a fan of drum machines within the death and black metal genres, as they just lack the feeling of a real drummer.

Godless Angel’s music is nothing new or refreshing, besides the fact it is heavy and very ancient sounding in the execution and spirit.

“Harvester Of Shadows” is a decent release, but they’ve got to ditch the robot percussionist for a live sit in drummer and also recruit musicians who are willing to play out live. This is the only way a band nowadays can gain notoriety among the heavy metal crowds.

I think this guy behind Godless Angel has some good ideas that would sound pretty darn sick with a proper band. I feel that at this point in time, this one-man band seems like a fun type of project, and the album is released digitally, so how serious can this project really be? This is definitely not my cup of tea, but fans of Auoptsy and Grave will gobble this up alive. [Inverse Music] Sarjoo Devani

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  1. Thank you for kind words, i appreciate you taking the time to listen to “Harvester of Shadows”! You have a cool webzine!

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