Godgory – Resurrection (Death/Doom Metal album review)

Godgory - resurrection

Godgory - resurrection


Godgory – Resurrection (Death/Doom Metal album review) reissue

Swedish duo of Erik and Matte of Godgory had written their finest death, doom, gothic metal endeavor, with plenty of soul and melancholic brutality, when it was released in 1999.

“Resurrection” is a still a very fresh and relevant CD with it death/doom metal style today as it was when it was released 16 years ago.

“Resurrection” is the band’s second record, displaying somber atmospheres to all out death metal onslaught of the heaviest kind. The nine songs found here, one being a bonus cut in the shape of “Conspiracy of Silence” at 8 minutes and 12 seconds is sure to wreck your emotional state of being. The down tuned guitars come at you slowly but with such brute force, all the whilst the acoustic guitar and synth passages throw your emotions into total sorrow.

None of the nine songs featured here sound alike; as they call take on their own style and sound, which gives Godgory even greater uniqueness. With the aid of a few session studio musicians, Godgory was able to pull off a great feat with such grandeur of an album.

The title track “Resurrection” starts off with its acoustical guitar passages, whispered spoken words, followed by the low growls, and a synthesizer in the background only intensifies the band’s ungodly darkness.

“Crimson Snow” moves along at mid-paced with its cranium smashing guitars and deathly vocals, and this song is abrasive to the point of making you bang your head hard, until it’s completely bruised.

Godgory has also covered the classic from Accept, “Princess Of The Dawn”, which is as heavy and rockish as can be. The guitars alone here, are simply heavy, out of this world.

The drums and percussive work here are solid, on time, and certainly delivers a crushing blow to the unsuspecting listener.

This is a great resissue of a band that was onto something very unique, but could not hold it together, which was very unfortunate. Metal Mind Productions Sarjoo Devani

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