GODDAMN – More Human Than Us (Metalcore/deathcore album review)

Goddamn - More Human Than Us

Goddamn - More Human Than Us

Goddamn – More Human Than Us

This Spanish quintet collectively known as Goddamn has just released its debut long player of ten songs of uncontainable aggression and frustration, under the guise of “More Human Than Us”.

Musically, this bunch is spot-on, with varied drumming arrangements; groove powered bass rhythms, razor precision guitar riffs, rhythms, and vocals, which are a crossover between death metal and hardcore. The music here is more a mixture of metalcore meets deathcore, and in turn the listener is treated to one heck of an ass kicking record. The energy and firepower found on this album makes it an awesome listening experience, especially with Goddamn’s emotionally charged socio-political, environmental, and self growth lyrics, it is one fucking pissed-off record to ever come from Espana.

The production, mixing of the instruments, and the overall sound on “More Human Than Us” is solid, as it feels like you’re listening to the band in a live setting, with a crystal clear sound. And when you play it loud, they’ll definitely rock your house with their ballsy, heavy as fuck guitar rhythms and punishing drum passages.

I’m quite positive that this quintet is brilliant in a concert setting and put on an awesome performance for the crowd. I can just imagine people stage diving and crowd surfing to the likes of “State Of Mind” and “When Myth Comes True”, with skull shattering double bass workouts.

Additionally, this quintet gels together to so well, creating such a unique and hard hitting sound, you’ll surely go insane from their unsuspecting tempo changes to ass whipping guitar rhythms, which are sure to scar you for life. It is this muscle bruising character of their guitar playing and distorted sound, which fucking cripples all of the human senses.

“More Human Than Us” is ONE MOTHERFUCKER of a metalcore/deathcore record that’s deadlier than a weapon of mass destruction. Listen to Goddamn and truly feel the combustible sonic chemicals reign violent.       Necromance Records      Sarjoo Devani



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