Goatthroat – Rites Of Blasphemy (Black metal album review)

Goatthroat - Rites Of Blasphemy

Goatthroat - Rites Of Blasphemy

Goatthroat – Rites Of Blasphemy

Germany’s old school black metal terrorists Goatthroat know how play real black metal, which made the good old days of black metal so vicious, violent and Satanic in spirit.

“Rites Of Blasphemy” is heavily influenced by the likes of Celtic Frost, Sodom and Hellhammer, as it is total old school black metal worship. The guitar rhythms are dark as the night sky and the vocals sound as if a goat with its throat slit is possessed by its inner demons. The demonized vocals is not the only thing here, which is purely evil and savage sounding, the guitars and drumming come at you like a spirit in distress after being chased by the ghouls and zombies of desecrated grave sites.

What I like about Goatthroat is their ability to convey such blackened moods in an ear-splitting delivery of their unholy black metal makes them a very sincere band.

From listening to this ungodly trio’s evil songwriting talents and lyrical themes, you’re in for the kill, and it is you who is being murdered on “Rites Of Blasphemy”. This band is as blasphemous black metal could ever be, and Goatthroat is not willing to slow down or stop at anything, because if you get in their way, you’ll be violently crushed to death with their Devil horns.

These guys are very tight and play with strong convictions about the dark side and all its bloody rituals from the depths of fire and brimstone.

For the death and bacl metal guitarists and songwriters, Goatthroat is a great influence to have in your own style of playing such extreme styles of heavy metal. Moreover, if you want to learn how to play guitar rhythms like the black and death metal masters from the late eighties and early nineties, Goatthroat is a damn good example of how it all should be executed, without any hesitation.

Check out “Rites Of Blasphemy” and sacrifice yourself to the horned almighty. Symbol Of Domination     Sarjoo Devani


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