GLADENFOLD – From Dusk To Eternity

Gladenfold-From Dusk  To Eternity

GLADENFOLD – From Dusk To Eternity (CD)

Finland’s quintet Gladenfold remind me of the good old days when Borknagar and Vintersorg wrote music for a select few and not the heavy metal/death/black metal masses. “From Dusk To Eternity” has that killer vibe to it, still underground enough with its folkloric acoustical, synthesizer passages, darkened distorted guitars and vocals being traded back and forth from clean to growl, with some serious evil feel to it.

I love the way they have arranged their vocal patterns on this album as they go between clean male singing to the really sinister-sounding growls, and this gives their already depressive music another dimension for the listener to torture themselves to. Seriously, this dual vocal style only adds more drama to their music, making you feel like you’re in some eerie, cold landscape laden Excalibur type of flick.

Prepare for the battle of your life, as this fivesome will carry you onward through battlefields of blood and shattered dreams.

On an interesting note, should Gladenfold make their music any more orchestral and backed by the powerful clean vocal lines found here, they’ll be creating a future movie soundtrack, ha, ha. I can only imagine this quintet writing a soundtrack to a movie, it would be very interesting.

Gladenfold is a very tight band as their musicianship is of quality as no flaws can be heard in this recording, only the nuances and vibes of the earth and mother nature during her more wicked cycles of total destruction of humanity. These guys definitely know how to tell a story via their music and their lyrics make the whole picture that more descriptive. Guitarist/vocalist Esko Itala and band have a clear vision of what Gladenfold is about, and this is good because we know what we’ll be in for on future releases. Highly recommended.


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