GHOST IRIS – Anecdotes Of Science & Soul

Ghost Iris - Anecdotes Of Science & Soul

Ghost Iris - Anecdotes Of Science & Soul


GHOST IRIS – Anecdotes Of Science & Soul (CD)

These Danish progressive metalcore rockers have certainly created an interesting blend of metalcore with hardcore vocals mixed with progressive female vocals and tastefully executed musical passages.

Ghost Iris’ debut CD “Anecdotes Of Science & Soul” is an expertly crafted album of heavier bass rhythms, hard hitting drum work along with the more melodic guitar riffs and rhythms. The female vocals have superb harmonies, which definitely move Ghost Iris’ music with positive energy throughout. With the male growl vocals thrown in the mix, you’ve an interesting contrast of two different vocal extremes.

The music too, has some unique variations within the guitar riffs, creating some thought provoking moments, taking the listener back in time.

There is nothing complex about this quartet’s music, but it is played with tons of emotions, which makes for a good listening experience. The flow of their music is kept at a steady pace, whereby you can feel everything the band is doing on their album.

Besides being heavy and rich in memorable melodies, Ghost Iris sure know how to create atmosphere with all of their instruments, as they’re played to their full potential. With this in mind, you can see the whole picture as to where the band is going with its music on “Anecdotes Of Science & Soul”.

I very much enjoyed the progressive metal guitar soloing on the hopeful-sounding “Magenta Pt. 2 – Astral Projection”. Now this song is at the forefront of what this band is all about, just sheer power with an upbeat attitude.

Ghost Iris’ music is definitely for listeners into VolBeat, Tesseract and Periphery. [Prime Collective] Sarjoo Devani

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