GENESIS – Three Sides Live

Genesis - Three Sides Live

Genesis - Three Sides Live


GENESIS – Three Sides Live (Blu-ray)

I’ve enjoyed everything from Genesis from when I first heard their music back in the early eighties, as well as Phil Collins’ solo material, but watching this concert footage from their 1981 World Tour just took me by storm.

“Three Sides Live” is a-concert footage of the band with snippets of backstage and radio station interviews, and it definitely breaks up the monotony of watching the band performing at one of their shows. I really enjoyed this format, as it does give a lot of insight to the band’s songwriting style and approach and their concert performances. Seeing interviews with Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford made this Blu-ray all that more unique, as it gives you a more personalized viewpoint from the core members about their visions and creative processes for Genesis.

Seeing Collins give a powerful vocal performance and switching it up with his percussive work also makes things interesting on this disc, as the viewer is given so much more variety as far as the different talents of each member is concerned. You’re also treated to some very cool antics, courtesy of Collins, using his voice literally as another musical instrument. We know his voice is used as another instrument, but the way he approaches some of the tracks here, it sounds beyond amazing, just makes you wonder as to how he can pull off such daring feats.

Some of the band’s more popular and groundbreaking tracks are featured here as follows: “Misunderstanding”, “Behind The Lines”, “Abacab”, “No Reply At All” and “Turn It On Again”. Also, another cool feature on this Blu-ray disc is the audio only portion of their live show minus a few songs, but it sounds excellent with the audience’s energy just moving the band like crazy onstage, especially Collins. The footage of dedicated Genesis fans also gives a lot more depth to the band’s overall respect and likability within the rock music world.

I certainly hope, that Mike, Tony and Phil record a studio album of new material, as it is highly due now. We’ll see what the future holds for Genesis and their crazy fans going forward. Whether you’re Genesis fan or not, you’re sure to get blown away by their live performance, as these guys definitely know how to move the audience with their progressive, pop-tinged rock music. Excellent. [Eagle Vison/Universal Music Group] Sarjoo Devani

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