Gargantua – Avant-Propos

Gargantua - Avant-Propos

Gargantua - Avant-Propos

Gargantua – Avant-Propos

Paris, France’s avant-garde metallers Gargantua play a very, very weird and twisted, at times sounding like a maniacal type of melodic death/thrash metal.

“Avant-Propos” is the name of their 4-song EP, and with close to 30 minutes of out of bounds, death metal with off the wall synth lines, insanity driven vocal screams, and drumming that’ll slowly drag you down to a total beat down, Gargantua is sure to scar your mind for life. At times, the music hauntingly wraps itself around your frail ears and at others their earth shattering avant-garde antics just throw a curve ball at your face, rendering you unconscious.

Listening to the strange and hypnotic musical passages on “Avant-Propos”, you’re sure to lose your sanity amidst the sonic chaos of the music unleashed here. Just check out the eclectic-sounding “Ne Mot Dire”, and you’ll feel as if you’ve been thrown into a sadistic insane asylum, with no end in sight from the hell the crazy freaks in this mental hospital put you through.

People, the music Gargantua write and play is not for everyone, especially those listeners of heavy metal who cannot think for themselves, as you definitely require an individualistic mindset to enjoy this piece of mental torture.

From the experimental and avant-garde side of influences, you can hear bits of Sigh to some major influences from Misanthrope and even Opeth for its mixture of the hard hitting extreme metal rhythms blended in with the more rocking guitars. Also, a little of The Black Dahlia Murder aggression can too can be noticed here, which I really enjoyed, as this also gives a few of their songs a very brutal approach in sound and execution.

Parisian’s Gargantua is highly worth checking out, especially if your taste in music ranges from extreme metal to rock and all things in between. Sarjoo Devani

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