GALAR – De gjenlevende

Galar - De gjenlevende

Galar - De gjenlevende


GALAR – De gjenlevende (CD)

Listening to Galar’s folkloric inspired black metal concept album brings images of long and cold Scandinavian wintery months to mind.

“De gjenlevende” is a six-song concept album based around the wicked and evil nature of the winter months, and this is contrasted with the sunlight, warmth and life that the spring months bring. When you take all of this into perspective, you’re treated to an excellent blend of black metal with folk music elements. This superb combination is just the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended), as they’ve also featured a super duper performance by a string and horn quartet section here. These two classical and folkloric elements give so much depth to their music that it makes the six songs on here come through like a well-produced movie from start to finish.

Galar is sure to take you on a breathtaking musical journey on such epic songs like “Gjeternes tunge steg” with its raspy and clean male vocals, along with the pounding drums, crushing guitars, and after this onslaught it soothes your soul with its synthesizer parts and melodic guitar arrangements. And this track finishes with the raspy and clean vocal trade-offs, which gives it so much more atmosphere. “Tusen kall til solsang ny” is a ten minute track with many unique musical changes and vocal arrangements that’ll just throw your mind into a spiral chaos of sheer insanity. This song too, has male clean singing on it along with some spoken words in the mid-section of the song, and the blisteringly heavy parts make this a stand out track as well.

Honestly, all six songs are unique in their own right and display so much emotion, that the listener cannot help but get immersed within them.

I highly regard Galar as one of the best extreme metal bands to ever come from Norway, as they’re setting high standards for future extreme bands to come from this Nordic country. [Dark Essence] Sarjoo Devani

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