Gabriels – Fist Of The Seven Stars – Act 1(Fist Of Steel) (Symphonic Heavy Rock Opera)

Gabriels - Fist Of Seven Stars Act 1

Gabriels - Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 1

Gabriels – Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 1 (Fist Of Steel)

Italian keyboardist and songwriter Gabriels has released an album of epic proportions, with its symphonic heavy rock opera style, “Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 1” will take you on an adventurous journey through mystic worlds.

The 12 songs on this CD are written by Gabriels with various solo, session and guest musicians, from other bands within the heavy metal and rock music scenes. The musicianship is of the highest quality and the songwriting is good, but nothing that has not been done before by the likes of Blind Guardian and Queen.

However, they should be given credit for giving their concept album a strong symphonic feel throughout, which definitely carries their music to some interesting levels of thought. Gabriels’ style of synthesizer playing and arrangements is sure to make you think about your life and the role it plays in this vast world of ours.

“Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 1” flows really well from one song to the next, and I definitely praise them on the musical continuity throughout this 12 tracker. Like I mentioned, there is nothing special about Gabriels’ style of symphonic heavy rock opera, but the mere fact it is written quite well and played with superb musicianship, it is an album worth giving a chance.

There are songs on here, which are heavy in feel to a few, which have that mellow, maybe at times emotionally-drowned out feel to them.

Last but not least, the Yngwie J Malmsteen classically inspired guitar rhythms and riffs surely give this album a very cool vibe, which just makes you feel good all over. The energy found on the 12 cuts makes for a very pleasant listening experience. You’re definitely not going to be lost on this album, as you’ll find yourself in heavy rock opera paradise. Check it out, as it just might be your album of the year. Diamond Productions  Sarjoo Devani

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