Funeral Tears – Frozen Tranquility

Funeral Tears - Frozen Tranquility

Funeral Tears - Frozen Tranquility


Funeral Tears – Frozen Tranquility

“Frozen Tranquility” has got to be the most depressive and melancholic album I’ve heard in a very long time, and Funeral Tears sure know what the real meaning of funeral doom metal is with this album.

With only six songs making up this record, just little under an hour, it’s got to be one of the most saddened extreme metal records I’ve heard from a Russian group. There are acoustic guitar passages mixed with the haunting synthesizer parts along with the drone, distorted guitar rhythms that’ll throw the listener into a deepened state of mental suffering. It’s the whole darkened and depressive vibe “Frozen Tranquility” has here, which makes it a tough listen at times, something that’s sure to go over really well when you’re listening to it at bedtime, in the night.

One of the standout songs here is track 5, don’t know what it says as it is written in the Russian language, but the music has plenty of cold synth passages with the tranquil guitar parts, and darkened vocals that scream of great agony in an emotional state of being.

Funeral Tears definitely know how to engage the listener with their thought captivating funeral doom metal, and it’s something that’ll just suck you right into the speakers and not let up on the abuse your mind endures in this all pervading world of grey.

This album is not for everyone, as the down tempo beat of the drums alone makes the music here so damn dreadful in style.

For a one-man band, it’s something definitely worthwhile your time, so check it out and feel your “Frozen Tranquility”. Symbol Of Domination   Sarjoo Devani


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