Funeral Marmoori – The Deer Woman (Stoner Doom Metal CD review)

Funeral Marmoori - The Deer Woman

Funeral Marmoori - The Deer Woman

Funeral Marmoori – The Deer Woman

Italians Funeral Marmoori specialize in a very mesmerizing blend of Stoner Doom Metal and Stoner Rock, which is sure to put you under their eternal spell of total melancholia.

“The Deer Woman” is the quartet’s debut album, and features tons of downtuned, heavy rhythms and riffs intermingled with a low end rumble, and vocals that’ll take you to a place of complete isolation and internal torture. The guitars are also backed by haunting spells of organs and synthesizers very reminiscent of darkened, ancient times when the world was lit by candles. Yes, this one image which their music conjures up in the mind, while you shake and shiver, not knowing the outcome of your fate. At this point, you feel as if you’re transcending the many layers of mortality and immortality. As depressing this may sound, “The Deer Woman” certainly invokes moments of personal reflection of the listener’s journey through life’s darkest and lightest moments.

The band is solid and play absolutely crushing stoner doom metal with so much conviction, you’ll feel as if you’re caught up in their moment of hopelessness and personal failure. Funeral Marmoori is very good creating such saddened scenarios, whereby you’ll truly believe that death is the only way to your salvation. The band is very dark throughout the seven songs featured here, and play with tons of misery to enshroud the world in.

The guitar riffs, bass guitar rhythms and a tight drumming section comes across like a funeral hymn fit for a king, and the monotonous vocals only further cement your day of reckoning.

These guys and gals are even more dark and miserable sounding than Black Sabbath and Cathedral ever were, but this is good, for the times you feel like ending your life, and need a hard shoulder to contemplate on.    Minotauro Records    Sarjoo Devani

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