Funebria – Dekatherion – Ten Years Of Hate & Pride

Funebria - Dekatherion - Ten Years Of Hate & Pride

Funebria - Dekatherion - Ten Years Of Hate & Pride

Funebria – Dekatherion – Ten Years of Hate & Pride

Unholy freaking Devil, Venezuela’s elitist black metal squadron Funebria play a vile and raw style of black metal that’s sure to engulf your ears in the flames of hell.

“Dekatherion” is a chaotic onslaught on the auditory senses with so much viciousness and hate, you’ll surely feel Funebria’s blood boiling to the point of scarring your ear canals causing total deafness.

“Serpent Sign” just races across your face in such rabid ways with its brutal snare, double bass attack, it leaves you dying helplessly in your own dugout grave. While lying in your muddy tomb to be, the raspy vocals and razor-precision guitar rhythms slice through your tattered remains.

“Whores Of Babylon” is another darkened and pissed of song, with its anti-Christian themes and deceit towards all that is pure and holy. I can definitely envision inverted crosses burning in Christian places of worship around the globe with this bitch’s immaculate raging madness.

I’m pretty positive, Funebria’s hailing from the fucked up and communist shithole-ridden country of Venezuela also has inspired tons of anti-religious sentiments on “Ten Years Of Hate & Pride”. Musically and vocally, you can feel all of the world’s anger and hatred burning in Seth Aum Zul’s screams of bloody murder bloody. He sounds like he is being sacrificed alive on the altar of unholy legions of the underworld.

Funebria is a must for fans of Bestial Warlust, Sadiztic Execution and Black Funeral.

Check it out and watch your own demise come to fruition, as you will burn while listening to the infernal abyss unleashed on this ten tracker.    Satanath Records    Sarjoo Devani

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