FLYING COLORS – Second Nature

Flying Colors - Second Nature

Flying Colors - Second Nature


FLYING COLORS – Second Nature (CD)

Wow!!! This was my reaction on the first spin, listening to Flying Colors’ sophomore release “Second Nature”. Drummer Mike Portnoy, Guitarist Steve Morse, keyboardist Neal Morse, bassist Dave LaRue and singer Casey McPherson are back with their musically daring album yet. Album number two shows that Flying Colors can be progressive yet very creative in their aural artistry without compromising musical and vocal elements of their unique style.

“Second Nature” is more than just a progressive rock record; it has influences ranging from soul, rock to R&B, but with a modern rock twist added for good measure. Singer Casey McPherson adds a whole new dimension to Flying Colors’ already unique vision musically, with his dynamic range and versatility in the way he approaches all nine cuts on this one hour plus release. He is definitely a very emotionally charged singer, but has total control of his voice within the constant musical changes and interesting arrangements within all of the songs featured here. It’s good to hear that McPherson is not afraid to be himself and let his singing bring out the best from himself as well as the band.

The 12 minute opus “Open Up Your Eyes” will literally open up your eyes and ears with its serious tone, which fully develops throughout this song, reaching peaks and valleys built from some of the best vocal, drumming, guitar riffs, rhythms and synth work you’ll probably ever hear from a band of such high caliber.

I also wanted to point out that I also heard some Boston and Radiohead influences on this new record especially, which is just brilliant. Flying Colors do not just write and play their songs for a prog rock audience, they’re songs also could appeal to hard rock and metal fans as well.

I can go on and on how well Flying Colors paints such beautifully crafted aural works of art, but it will not do you much justice until you’ve listened to this album in its entirety, and with a decent pair of headphones as you’ll hear many interestingly played layers of rock music.     [Music Theories Recordings]     Sarjoo Devani

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