Flying Colors – Second Flight: Live At The Z7 (Rock Music live album review)

Flying Colors - Second Flight

Flying Colors - Second Flight


Flying Colors – Second Flight: Live At The Z7

Live recordings and videos are interesting to watch, but once you’ve experienced it, you put the CD/DVD away, probably to never touch it again. This is not the case with Flying Colors’ latest CD/DVD set, aptly title “Second Flight: Live At The Z7”, as it is done so well done, I know I’ll be checking this one out at least once every few years.

The live recording featured on the CD part of this concert is brilliantly captured, as the production of the sound, the band’s live energy and the audience’s reaction to many of their songs can be felt all around your space.

With awesome and memorable songs like “Kayla” (the choruses on this one steal the show), “A Place In Your World”, “Forever In A Daze”, and the emotionally charged “Colder Months” and rockin’ “Mask Machine” among the other songs here make for a solid live release.

Moreover, the DVD portion of this release is nothing short of spectacular, as “Second Flight: Live At The Z7” comes to life with Flying Colors’ strong stage performance, and again, the production of the visual aspects and sound make this a complete package. The different camera angles utilized here also shows the band’s unique live presence and character as live musicians. Seeing frontman/guitarist Casey McPherson and guitar player Steve Morse rock out to all of their upbeat tracks makes this DVD even more special, as you feel so much apart of their action live. Drummer Mike Portnoy is just out of this world fabulous with his unique playing style and dynamic changes throughout the featured songs. His playing is perfect for the feel of each cut, and sounds really good.

I’m pretty sure, that the Blu-ray version of this live concert footage is even better. And the sound on the DVD is in surround, to give that realistic concert feel to it, so the listener is even more immersed within the music.

As far as the music is concerned, keyboardist Neal Morse and bassist Dave Larue make this release a hit along with the others.

As a bonus you’re treated the following four videos: “Kayla”, “The Fury Of My Love”, “A Place In Your World” and the very rockish “Mask Machine”.

This release is highly worth your time if you’re a fan of solid rock music with hints of some progressive rock thrown in for good measure. Music Theories     Sarjoo Devani

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