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What do you get when you put such musical luminaries such as drummer Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), lead guitarist Steve Morse (Deep Purple), vocalist & guitarist Casy McPherson, keyboardist and vocalist Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic), and Dave Larue (Joe Satriani)? Well, you get the highly talented and creative force collectively known as Flying Colors.

The musicianship alone on this debut is far beyond advanced than all of their previous outfits combined. There are some pop sensibilities on this progressive rock affair, and even at times pointing to Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesis and Yes. With such influences within Flying Colors’ music, it it’s no wonder why this 11 tracker is so rich within its music, song arrangements and delivery.


Just check out the funk powered bass rhythms and hooks on the mind trippin’ “Forever In A Daze”, and you will feel their music oozing out of your veins. The choral passages on this one are fiery and energetic, whereby you will feel as if you’re there in the same room as the band.

It is very cool to see Flying Colors showcase their flare for seventies-tinged progressive rock mixed with the more modern prog elements of today.


The production and mix on the entire CD is definitely stellar as it sounds very natural and organic, not over produced with too much of the digital technology, which many rock bands are known to utilize in this day and age.


Casy’s singing is very emotional, personal, rich in delivery, and it makes you feel so damn good because it is so uplifting in spirit.


There is not one song on here, which suffers from any sort of musical or songwriting deficit as each one of the songs on offer could sound as if they’re from many different releases. What I am getting at here is that each one of songs here as its own identity and unique characteristics. These are the two main elements that give Flying Colors an edge over many of their progressive rock contemporaries.

Do not expect to absorb much within your first listen with this release as it will take repeated, probably several spins through to get the gist of this release. “Infinite Fire”, the longest song here, clocking in at 12:02 is filled to the brim with some heavier moments and musical diversity that many rock bands can only dream of. The variety of the many music influences these five talented musicians possess makes “Infinite Fire” one heck of a song as its got so much to take within a span of 12 minutes.


Flying Colors just don’t play music as they tastefully and skillfully make it an auditory excursion of a lifetime.

I could say more but this would just do the band and listener injustice as this has to be listened to, to really understand the sheer brilliance this quintet exude upon the human senses.

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