Eyexist – The Digital Holocaust (Avant-Garde Death Metal album review)


Eyexist – The Digital Holocaust

Montreal, Canada’s tech and atmospheric Eyexist play nothing short of avant-garde death metal with no aural boundaries on their debut CD, “The Digital Holocaust”. This record is an amalgamation of progressive metal, industrial, atmospheric, brutal death metal, and jazz elements thrown in for good measure.

This duo reminds of early Meshuggah, Theory In Practice, Scarve and Scar Symmetry in places, but with a style and sound all their own.

“The Digital Holocaust’s” music is very soundtrack-like in places, yet it finds enough room to keep the growls steady along with fluid/razor sharp guitar playing and drumming. The synths remind us, as to why our days on the earth are numbered, mainly due to its very apocalyptic mental images. The guitar riffs are packed with plenty of modern jazz arrangements and techniques, which gives the music here a sudden twist in weird song structures and arrangements.

Just take one look at Eyexist’s album cover, with a human form screaming with some sort of paranoia while the different astral worlds collide. Wow, this shit about our world and other worlds is just too damn deep, but somehow works very well with this band’s technical music wizardry. Eyexist is definitely intellectual metal, which is sure to educate the listener with it’s ungodly musical and lyrical dynamics.

The ten cuts of musical genius here keeps the listener at the edge of their seat begging for more mind snarling and spirit manipulating avant-garde metal, which is sure to take you back in time throughout the darkest worlds ever formed. At moments, the Sci-Fi/futuristic film soundtrack-like passages remind a bit of The Blade Runner. The lyrical videos for the tracks “Chronicles Of Survival” and “Alone Against The Earth” are brilliantly put together with the lyrics bombarding the listener in subliminal ways.

Highly worth checking out, especially, for fans of tech, atmospheric, film score driven moments mixed in with extreme metal morbidity. PRC Music  Sarjoo Devani

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