EXTREME NOISE TERROR – Holocaust In My Head [Candlelight]

England’s grind, crust and hardcore punks Extreme Noise Terror have made a huge impact on today’s grind and crust genres. ENT along with Doom, Skit System, Anti-Cimex, Raw Noise, Napalm Death, Carcass, Hellbastard, Righteous Pigs and Brutal Truth have shaped the crust/grindcore scene on a global scale.

One such classic release from ENT to this day is their “A Holocaust In Your Head” CD, which is 100% anti-establishment, anti-religion and anti-exploitation of the earth’s resources and animals. This album is comprised of the said album and a few other rare tracks not found on the original release, so basically you’re getting more bang for your buck here.

Actually, they’ve positive messages within their songs, just so as long as you do not read into it too deep or maybe add your own meaning to it.

“Conned Through Life”, “Murder”, “Another Nail In The Coffin” (my personal favorite) and “Bullshit Propaganda” among others here makes this 21-track disc one hellacious of a listen. Don’t be surprised should your ears melt and your hair falls off when you listen to the aural chaos featured on “Holocaust In My Head”. The one aspect, which stood out with ENT is the fact that they had a unique style and sound all their own yet they knew how to keep their music extremely insane and chaotic. The two different vocal styles feature many variations from one extreme spectrum of brutality to the next, and this is what made them such a unique grind/crust core act. Extreme Noise Terror will never be the same without founding member Phil Vane (vocals), who sadly passed away earlier in 2011.

This review is dedicated to the memory of Phil Vane; may your chaotic vocals and insane stage presence always burn holes into the minds of ENT listeners worldwide.

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