Exterminas – Dichotomy (Blackened death metal album review)

Exterminas - Dichotomy

Exterminas - Dichotomy

Exterminas – Dichotomy

Northern Italian blackened death metal terror squad Exterminas is a superb and a twisted mixture of Mayhem, Morbid Angel and Aeternus.

“Dichotomy” is an ungodly mixture of pure death and black metal, which is a blatant kick in the ass for all detractors of extreme metal. Exterminas come across like a bestial, human killing machine with their sodomizing guitar rhythms, soul annihilating deep vocals, and drumming that’s sure to annihilate the world within seconds after pressing the play button. The darkened nature of the music comes at the listener like the black plague of the 1600s, literally destroying everything in its wake.

Exterminas play with tons of morbid conviction, as you can sincerely feel all of their pulsing rage boil through your veins, ready to fucking explode in a failed humanity’s face. The deep and bestial low-end growls add much more depth to the steel reinforced wall of sound. You can only imagine how fucking heavy this album is, when you hear the phrase steel reinforcement to describe “Dichotomy’s” unreal heaviness. People, this is blackened death metal, which is sure to rip your head off, tear out your eyes, and hack your frail soul into millions of tiny fragments of nothingness.

These lunatic Italians play such a darkened form of extreme metal, it is sure to send shivers down your spine, as this is sinister taken to a new level of total extremes. I do not recommend listening to Exterminas if you’ve a weak mind, as this band shatter all the common norms of not following the typical black and death metal trends, which will make you question everything around you, as well as your own existence. The battle between good and evil is a certain dichotomy, and Exterminas just want to prove one thing, they’re neither evil nor good, as they’re eternally confined to the middle spaces of complete struggle with the self. Satanath Records     Sarjoo Devani

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