Exovex – Radio Silence (Progressive Rock album review)

Exovex-Radio Silence

Exovex-Radio Silence


Exovex – Radio Silence

American progressive rock band Exovex, the project led by musician and songwriter Dale Simmons is an interesting release in the form of “Radio Silence”, with its out in space like vibe.

However, the music is more in the Porcupine Tree and RPWL vein, with hints of seventies progressive rock influences. There are plenty of Pink Floyd vocal influences here as well, which only adds more spice to the modern progressive rock music they write and play here.

Check out the wah wah powered lead run on the Pink Floydesque-sounding “Daylight (silent key), which is definitely a breathtaking show excellent lead playing on a prog rock record. This one is very melodic to the core, and gives this song an added lift in its overall sound solid performance.

“Radio Silence” features six cuts, but these songs are no ordinary songs due to their unorthodox approach in writing and playing. These songs have plenty of odd time signatures, they’re lengthy than the average prog rock song, and the vocals in the middle sections of “Metamorph” are a bit more experimental sounding. When I was listening to this track for the very first time, I felt like Exovex was making a tripped contact call with the extra terrestrial from Mars or something, and it freaking through me for a loop. It’s very cool to hear soundbytes of mission control engineers engaged in a conversation with the cosmonauts, and this just can sound really out of this world, haha.

More importantly, the musical and vocal ideas featured here, are definitely original to a certain extent, nothing of the groundbreaking variety, but done well enough to make the listener believe in life on other planets.

Exovex is surely out to conquer you with their planetary, sci-fi vibe. Check it out.     Sarjoo Devani

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