EXOTO – Beyond The Depths Of Hate

Exoto - Beyond The Depths Of Hate

Exoto - Beyond The Depths Of Hate


EXOTO – Beyond The Depths Of Hate (CD)

Exoto’s European and American death metal music influences shine through on “Beyond The Depths Of Hate”, and this new album is comprised of the first two studio albums and newly recorded cuts. This 17 track raging slab of death metal music shows the band’s overall diversity to break things up and be as different as possible from what is out in the death metal scene. It is the band’s desire to try out new ways of approaching their songwriting, while keeping their music heavy, brutal and dead in your face, ugly.

Their at times thrash to total old school death metal guitar rhythms and drumming remind a lot of the late eighties to early nineties death metal scene. Fellow Dutch death metallers Asphyx, Pestilence comes to mind, with hints of early Morbid Angel and Sepultura. One listen to the title track, “Beyond The Depths Of Hate”, with its spiraling out of control guitar riffs, body pounding drumming, razor sharp rhythms pulsating within your veins, and their demonic vocals are good enough to drag your poor soul mercilessly to hell. This song is a contagious track with its headbanging, solid rhythms, and the double bass, snare drum terror, which is dangerous enough to rough up the seasoned death metal music fan.

Exoto definitely write for mosh pit heaving warfare to the bloody end, as you’ll experience from their pissed-off sound here. Imagine Morbid Angel, Grave, Asphyx and Pestilence getting into a violent scuffle, and the by-product you end up with is Exoto.

Mind you, Exoto have the guts not to sound like anyone out there since they’ve always been on their own violent sonic trip to the unknown. With 17 songs on offer here, you’ll surely appreciate their musical diversity with their immense touch of ultra brutality. [Vic]  Sarjoo Devani

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