Ethan Brosh – Conspiracy (Instrumental Rock/Metal album)

Ethan Brosh - Conspiracy

Ethan Brosh - Conspiracy

Talented songwriter and virtuoso guitarist Ethan Brosh plays a very meticulous style of rock infused with hints of metal, and gives his own unique twist to the 14 memorable cuts featured here.
What I admire about Brosh’s guitar playing and songwriting abilities is the fact, he takes the music from a personal perspective and guides it through the many unique emotions he feels on this album. Essentially, you’ll begin to feel every ounce of his emotion on this album, to the point where you’ll feel tears running down your cheeks, as cuts like “Forgotten Melody”, with its synth laden layers and clean ballad-esque picking style strikes all sorts of emotions.
The classically written “Mediterranean Breeze” is the type of song, which just gets you thinking about your life and all of the interesting experiences life has thrown at you. This is what I felt during this song, as it really got me thinking of everything in and around my life.

“Conspiracy” also features positive and hopeful songs as well, as can be heard on the awesome, and out of this world “The Road To Victory”. This is definitely the most feel good number here, and it really has the power to make you feel happy no matter what kind of a day you’re having.

The subtle use of synths on this album gives it such an atmospheric feel to Brosh’s talented and skillful guitar arrangements, it certainly holds your attention from start to finish, which is a great quality to have in a song.

“No Spring Chicken” is another rocker with its jazzy elements mixed in with the metal rhythms, and groove powered drumming passages topped off with melodic riffs sure to bring a smile to your face.

There are more positives here than I can go into, without giving way the entire essence of this brilliant record, and it does no justice reading about it, as like any other music, you have to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate its majestic bliss.

Ethan Brosh’s music is for fans of Tony McAlpine, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman and Joe Satriani, as his complex style of songwriting and guitar playing is along those lines, but with his own unique touch added to the mix of memorable songs found here.

“Conspiracy” is written by a complete guitarist for complete listeners into instrumental rock and metal, so check it out and let the music steal your soul here.  10 out of 10.        Sarjoo Devani

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