ERIC JOHNSON – Europe Live

Eric Johnson - Europe Live

ERIC JOHNSON – Europe Live (CD)

I remember first hearing of Eric Johnson’s memorable song “Cliffs Of Dover” on a local rock radio station in 1990, and being totally blown off my sofa. It was then I tried to follow him, but being that I was closed minded (haha) to listen to such quality blues rock made so accessible by Eric Johnson, I’d make enough effort to checking it out on the local airwaves, but come 1996, I bought “Venus Isle”, and boy was my soul taken away to newer uncharted musical plains. Ever since, I’ve been following this blues-rock guitar maestro.

On “Europe Live”, his performance is nothing but spectacular as everything can be heard note for note in such depth and clarity – he definitely rocks… Having seen him live on the first G3 Tour with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, I was also taken away by his live performance back then (in 1996).

I love the fact that Eric Johnson is backed by a solid and well-versed group of musicians to bring forth his musical vision to his fans the world over. It is his fluid guitar playing and technique, which makes his musical style and delivery so personal, to the point you can feel all of his emotions, whereby you’re living him through vicariously.

Also, the energy produced by Eric and his band members: Wayne Salzmann (drums and backing vocals) and bassist Chris Maresh complement Eric’s skillful playing so well, it all fits so perfectly, creating live energy you can experience digitally. The overall vibes are very spiritual on this 14-tracker, it is like a total divine musical experience. You have to listen to “Europe Live” to fully ingest the goodness of Eric’s soulful guitar playing, which gives radio rock a new meaning. With classic cuts like “Austin”, “Forty Mile Town”, “Manhattan”, “Last House On The Block” and the truly groundbreaking blues-rock instrumental “Cliffs Of Dover”, you’re in for a treat as Eric will rock your world and leave you in awe.


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