Eric Johnson – EJ (acoustic rock music album)


Eric Johnson – EJ

Song Explorations on Acoustic Guitar and Piano

Wow! Listening to Eric Johnson’s latest album “EJ”, which is mainly exploring rock music through the use of acoustic guitars and piano, is definitely an awesome feeling. “EJ” is simply awe-inspiring with Eric’s superbly well written and thought out musical passages comprised of acoustic guitars and the piano. These songs are tastefully written, as he has also added his heavenly, soul soothing vocals on half of the tracks: “Water Under The Bridge”, the dream state inducing “Wonder” and “Wrapped In A Cloud” are just a few of the songs with his down-to-earth singing. The choral arrangements brilliantly standout on “Wrapped In A Cloud”, as it really lifts up the song with so much positive energy.

Having listened to Eric’s music played on the electric guitar and synths the last 25 years (this was when I started following him), “EJ” is definitely a departure for this blues virtuoso guitarist, but it is definitely skillfully delivered in all aspects of the music and songwriting.

The intricately woven piano work with the carefully selected chord progressions makes “One Rainy Wish” a memorable tune. By the way, “One Rainy Wish” is a cover done from Jimi Hendrix’s awesome catalogue of rock anthems. There is also a cool classical guitar-inspired instrumental in the shape of “Serinidad”. The use various acoustic steel and nylon stringed guitars gives “EJ” plenty of fluidity and form, as far as the songs coming together so well.

There are also four covers here, with the opening track “Mrs Robinson”, from Simon and Garfunkel, which is an instrumental played with total acoustic guitar brilliance. The other two cover songs, second cut from Simon and Garfunkel: “Scarborough Fair/Canticle” and “The World Is Waiting For The Sunshine” by Les Paul and Mary Ford, along with Eric’s newest original cuts show his ability to write quality songs with complete musical diversity in mind.

“EJ” is a very complete record, especially with the creative use of different acoustic guitars and a piano for added depth within the individual tracks. Check it out.

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