ENRAGED – It’s Your Fear That Feeds Their Power


Netherland’s Enraged will rip your ears right off of your skull and leave you dead and bleeding for the vultures to come feast on your dying corpse. These are the feelings their Carcass, Scar Symmetry, Dimension Zero and very early Arch Enemy influences remind me of. Musically, it will not disappoint as it will kick your ass into gear and get you going on a wild ride of your dreams. There are plenty of killer twist and turns with the guitars and drumming arrangements.

However, the vocals were nothing out of the ordinary as they’re on the lower raspy end, with screams and lower end growls thrown in for good measure throughout this 9 –track affair. My only complaint here are the clichéd death/thrash/black metal vocals, which ruined it for me as this aspect sounded too much like many of their melodic death and black metal counterparts.

I was pleased with the production of this album as everything sounds pretty good and all of the instruments and vocals can be heard as nothing gets buried within the final mix.

The last song on their debut CD is worth a mention, as “The Cleansing” is just packed with pure brutality fueled guitars and vocals that just come across very rampant and violent. The rhythms and drumming work on this track just kill! I would not be surprised if these guys get some major stage diving enthusiasm during their live performances.

Considering this CD was recorded over a period of several years, the end result sounds like it was just done yesterday. This is certainly a plus, but it remains to be seen and heard if Enraged do something more interesting and different the second time around with album number two as they’ve plenty of potential.   Sarjoo Devani


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